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3lb Pre-Inoculated Millet Bag, designed for convenience and optimal results. Each bag comes inoculated and ready-to-use once fully colonized eliminating the need for complex preparation or sterilization. Simply choose your desired strain, and let us handle the rest.

Upon receiving your bag, all that's left for you to do is place it in a dark 70°-75° environment. The bag will start colonizing immediately upon arrival. Depending on the strain, mycelium growth will appear in about 7-14 days after you receive it. 

Once the bag is fully colonized, gently break down the spawn, open the bag, and spread it in your desired growing media, and watch as your mushrooms flourish. 




If you are unhappy with your purchase in any way please contact us for a full refund or replacement based on your preference.

For research purposes only.


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